INFJ personality type traits


SEES SELF: as a deep-thinker in love with new ideas and insights, but somewhat detached from others.

OVERRIDING NEED: to understand the complexity of people and life.

IRRITATED BY: hypocrisy, limits on personal freedom, impersonal details and mundane tasks.

STRENGTHS: provides…

Hi. I have a sports physical coming up and i have scars on my thighs. Im past cutting and the doctor will have to look below my waist. I dont want him to see or tell my parents. How can i cover up the scars? Im a boy by the way. Thanks for the help!
by Anonymous

vitamin e cream helps with reducing scarring, but it won’t get rid of it completely. you could buy liquid foundation to cover up scarring as well. for the record your doctor can’t legally tell your parents anything unless you’re thinking of killing yourself or killing someone else. good luck <3

at a restaurant dedicated to frida kahlo bless this city

THINK of all the times you tried to cut yourself but couldn’t because you “aren’t that person any more” but, tell me, would someone who’s “not that person” need to constantly remind themselves?
- Neil Hilborn - Think/Sad (via theprayersofpigeons)
do u know suspiciousmilk?
by Anonymous

i don’t think so.. but i’m pretty sure she lives in toronto ( suspiciousmilk )

where in canada do you live?
by Anonymous